Robo pacer readability

The Robo pacer info is on a yellow background and the color for the name and the distance is white. I can easily guess the name. The distance is a real problem. I can’t read the digits and so I often hit the " Let D.Miguel… catch up!" message. Then I slow down and I can’t read how close he is.

It would be great if you would apply dark letters and digits on this yellow background.


Or, just make the Robopacer always visible in the nearby riders list. I know it’s been requested before. Android users don’t have the little name + distance tags at the bottom of the screen.


Yep. Just add the RP the way your Holoriders are.

That would be a good enhancement but would not answer the question of how far ahead you are. The time gaps are bogus and not easily converted to meters

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As long as the readability of the distance is improved… :wink:


I agree, that’s why the riders list should display distance and time. Or just distance, since, like you say, the time is not really that useful.