Road ride whilst on "training plan"

(Mark) #1

I am on week 7 of “Build me up”, so 5 workouts scheduled for this week, I have a tough on road hills ride on Sunday which will certainly more than replicate one of the workouts - is there a way I can substitute the road ride for the prescribed workout or do I have to “lose” the credit for the workout on the T.P. ? As a “senior” rider I do not want to overtrain.

(Fez) #2

Go into your training plan and click the “Did it” button on the workout you want to substitute.

(M.) #3

Mark - I just finished week 10 and am now on to week 11 of “Build Me Up”. You can find out a lot of information about the “BMU” plan at GC Coaching’s website: just go down to the comments section at the bottom of the page and take a look at all of the questions regarding “BMU”.

Regarding your question; if you skip a workout (or substitute a ride for a specific workout) there’s no way to go back to that workout in the plan unless that workout is still available in the time frame given (you can’t “pause” the training plan), once the timeframe for a workout is missed the next available session / workout will cue up and the clock will start running for you to accomplish that workout. Missing a scheduled workout is a bummer but since your doing something else in its place I wouldn’t worry about it. I also don’t think you loose credit unless you really start skipping a bunch of rides in the training plan.

Ride On.

(Mark) #4

Thank you :slight_smile: