Bike training plans HM training


Just looking for some advice here I have been going zwift build me up plan bike while training for a HM.

I am just finishing up week 7 and there are 2 weeks left to the HM so beginning taper this week .

What should I do re the bike ? There is no option to pause the programme you just loose the workouts if you don’t get done in time . Week 7 looks moderate enough but week 8 had 5 rides .

Do I cut out week 8 completely and then jump back in after the HM missing the workouts or try do a few ?

Any advice appreciated

Hi Muireann, Zwift allows you to miss a few rides in a training plan and still get credit for completing the plan. If you’ve already put in 6 weeks on the plan and have been doing every workout then you should be able to taper off and let a few of the later workouts go without worrying about missing out on the achievement for completing the training plan.

Thanks Lucas for feedback

I’ll just skip the hard ones the week of the race and try finish the easier ones