Training plans: select most important ride(s) of the week?

(Adrien Lantieri) #1


I have seen a lot of requests on training plans but I have not seen any corresponding to this:

What if, for whatever reason, I know in advance that I am going to miss one or two of the ride’s plan for that week? How can I make sure to do the 1 / 2 / 3 / … workouts of the week that are most important for that training plan, and therefore ensure I am most on track with my goals?

For instance, I am currently running the 6 week FTP Builder, it’s basically a series of 2 foundation vs. 2 threshold development each week. Say I know I will have to skip one workout, does it make more sense to do two foundations and one thresh dev? the other way around? what if I need to skip two? should I make sure I do one foundation and one thresh dev / two thresh dev / … ?

Without messing on the current system too deep, I often have two workouts available at the same time: if I knew which one is most important, I could select that one to ensure the most gains i.e. take an informed choice tailored to the training plan & goals.
As a next step in devs, if this workout is the “second one” on the list, ideally, they would then switch places in terms of remaining days with the “first one” on the list so that if in the end I am able to perform that last workout then it is still available. This would clearly be an ideal add, but the first para above is the most important to my eyes: real flexibility through informed choices without changing too much the current platform.

Thank you.