Road feel Watopia Tick Tock

(Warren) #1

Hi all I’ve ridden Tick Tock in Watopia a couple of times and on both occasions there is no road feel in the first section of boards but on the second section it works although it’s not as noticeable as other boarded sections in other routes. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar problem . I’m using a Tacx Neo through APPLE TV 4K

(Tadeusz) #2

Tic Tock’s roads are new and flat as a table :wink:

(Ian) #3

Yes I have the same exact experience with a Neo 2 and Apple TV 4k.

(Nigel Tufnel) #4

The road feel seems to work fine for me on both sections of ‘plank’ road when entering/exiting the desert flats area. I do notice it more at lower speeds, though. Perhaps this is because this wood is newer and hasn’t developed as many ruts! :crazy_face: