Rizer benefits

I just want to ask if anybody knows, if using a gradient simulator helps engage more more muscles in the posterior chain.

I’m considering buying one for the potential benefit of more realistic muscle activation, especially on steeper climbs .

Thanks in advance

It definitely makes a difference yes. Not quite the same as in real life climbing as you don’t tend to worry abbot balance and moving your weight as far forward.

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I have a kickr bike which has that ability built in. I prefer using it for simulated gradients and for more realism I have a rocker plate which makes it even better.

The rocker plate adds enormously to comfort.


I have recently purchased a Rizer, combined with my Omnirocker , the experiance is probably as close as you’ll get to outdoors riding.
The Rizer defiantly engages different muscle groups this helps on the climbs especially when riding out of the saddle on the steeper sections.