Riding through monuments on London course... WTF?

Hi all,

Here is an interesting feature of the London course. I can ride through a monument! See attached image.

I am assuming this is a bug not a feature.

It has always been like that. Same on Richmond.

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and nobody has thought to fix it?

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I’ve never seen this. Does it perhaps only happen with steering enabled?

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I haven’t seen it either.

What device are you running Zwift on?

I’ve completed all the courses in London except for “PRL Full” (I have done the Half) and have never seen this behaviour.

Devices: iPad Pro 11, AppleTV4k, gaming laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050.

I suspect this is a quirk with some specific device or class of devices/video cards, not the game at large.

Similar things can happen if you’re running an out of date game client. Example here in a GPLama video just after a new game update: New Zwift Map Release: Titan's Grove // First Look // Ride-Through 🦕 - YouTube

(time index 12:30 ish - a rider is going through trees and doing loops)

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Riding through things is a not so hidden Easter egg of zwift. Sometimes it does that, it’s just the game.


most of the drivers do that in london. feature



I do have a Sterzo steering riser. Why should this make any difference?

I am running a Macbook (latest OS 12.5.1) and Kickr 2016 model. I do use a Sterzo riser. By it doesn’t happen on any other course on Zwift.

I rode London again today and still this bug persists.

Not a priority for the Zwift code monkeys I assume.

But if you go down into that section of London subway, and you use the Sterzo to steer over towards the sign that says “Platform 9-3/4”…


I can confirm this issue for enabled steering. The ‚problem‘ is not limited to London. Same in Richmond w/ pillars, bridge in Jungle.

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Rode Turf N Surf most left. Stopped counting the objects I hit. Outside Neokyo roughly 80 % of the roads mismatch in visual & rideable width.

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Well here we are 26 May 2023, with numerous Zwift updates and we can still ride through monuments.

Very lazy Zwift.

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Doesn’t that take you to the Hogwarts Express?


Very witty Wilde! That doesn’t solve the issue.

I’d say it’s not a priority, from the image you are the only one from a large group that is affected by it. If you steered back to the left it would be resolved.

There are far more important things to resolve than something that in reality doesn’t affect anything.

I take your point.

I suppose, just like real life, if you deliberately steer into a monument you suffer the consequences. In Zwift’s case you ‘ghost’ your way through the monument.

That’s one way of looking at it.

As a Zwift runner I’d have tripped over that many rocks at the side of the road by now that I’d have had more broken ankles than hot dinners.

Ride On.