Riding at over 300% elevation

I had an incredible gift this morning with zwift. The app had me riding at over 300% elevation and really showed me going almost upside down on the bike. I looked like I was flying. Then it came down and I was riding on beautiful, green grassy hills and knolls. Up and down the hills of grass and then through trees and between trees. It was really magical. Who knew that this even existed? It was really a lot of fun as a total surprise. With the willingness to have fun and go with the scenery and let go of the workout I was actually supposed to be doing, I had a great beginning to my Sunday morning. Thank you Zwift.

Is it inappropriate to ask what you’re on? …because it sounds amazing.

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I just went on a regular Sunday Sprint Ramps workout and it just happened. I am sure it was a glitch in the zwift software but it was surprising that they had all of the drawings for the scenery. I put in a note to them saying it would be a great prize for something like they do the kits. It truly was an amazing ride. I forgot to add that I rode through buildings as if they weren’t there. After about 7 minutes i was back on the roads with the other riders.
And by the way, I wasn’t “on” anything other than the Zwift high.

Sorry for the derail. Just made me think of this.

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