Altitude Compensation

Hi, thought i would repost my issue from 2015. I’ve recently rejoined Zwift and doesn’t seem like anything has been done to compensate for riders riding at altitudes other than sea level. Seems a pretty easy algorithm could be used to modify power based on a riders location so we can have a speed relative to sea level riders.

Nov '15

*Any thoughts on adding some sort of altitude compensation? Everyone knows you have less power at higher altitudes. I’m training at 7000 feet in New Mexico where there is roughly 20% less oxygen. Through my own experience, I’ve found I have roughly 10% less power at this altitude compared with sea level. Shouldn’t Zwift add some sort of compensation for this to even things out? *

Perhaps using location services to add a quotient to your power numbers that increases speed based on power numbers relative to altitude? I believe Trainingpeaks has recently come up with a formula for this. Anyone else agree?

I also made this request some years ago.