Couple of issues, elevation and weight related

(S lowBarney) #1

might be a glitch at my end but

  1. I seem to be riding a flat course; riding up the col at 350w in 54 seconds is flattering, but not right. I don’t roll down the hills either- have tried a couple of restarts, no change.
  2. weight; adding my weight into my profile leaves me pulling a but, 200w to get 2 mph. (this happened before, was corrected by setting my weight to 0, sorry if already asked and answered)

I’m using a powertap to measure power.

(L Read) #2

?? Where do you add weight?? I thought weight is not adjustable at this time.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Hi there, can you open a support ticket with this information? Your username “S lowBarney” doesn’t give me enough information to actually look into what the game thinks is going on.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #4

@L Read - Weight can now be adjusted via the website. Go to, click the “Login” button in the upper right, enter your site/game login info. That’ll take you to your dashboard. Click the dropdown arrow in upper right corner, go to settings, enter info, save.

(L Read) #5

Thanks for the tip , NOel!