riding as a pair

(P. Roach[KRT] KISS (D)) #1

is there a feature that can allow riders to ride together as me and a pal cannot ride together as either he or I race past or are too slow…a lock in feature to a rider would be great 

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #2

It does a little practice to get the hang of riding together. One thing that helps is for only one of you to be adjusting power. Decide who’s leading, then have that person ride a steady pace and have the other try to stay close. Keep the adjustments small to avoid overshooting and remember that it may take a couple of seconds for the power in Zwift to change when you start pedaling slower.

When you get the hang of that, you can try trading pace by switching who’s leading. Remember that you don’t need as much power when you’re following in someone’s wind shadow.