Rides not saving on Winodws/Zwift and no upload to 3th parties


I use a Wahoo Kickr in combination with Zwift on windows (and also Companion)

I can ride normally (everything works: pairing, companion, resistance change…) and after a ride I can see the stats of my ride.
When I save the ride, Zwift says the ride is saved and I can choose to upload to Garmin Connect.

After this Zwift closes.

Until now this worked fine, and all data was visible on both Zwift (My Zwift) and Garmin.
Now the rides are not saved anymore (not on My Zwift or Garmin) and the total number of km I rode does not increase. During the ride my xp, km,… increases, but at my next ride it is again the old value.

I already re-installed Zwift completely, but nothing has changed.

Can somebody help me how to solve this problem?

Kind regards,


Does this happen with every ride or just some of them. This behaviour is usually due to network issues.
did you see other riders during your ride?

Every ride.
I can see all the other riders, connection is good between Kickr, companion and zwift.
The kickr change recistance okay, companion reacts fast on commands (change diracion, wave,…). I also have the problem when I ride from my android Phone. (just tested this)

This sound strange, what do you use to run Zwift?

How far did you rid with your phone, there is a minimum distance you have to ride for Zwift to count itas a ride. I think it is 5km

I use a Samsung galaxy S7, and it worked before.

However, I did not ride 5km.
I will ride 5km tomorrow on my phone and on my PC (that is windows, decent dell PC) and will post my results here.

The strange thing I noticed is that the workout that I did was saved in the progress of the training plan, but not on zwift.
I also did an FTP test and that never saved anywhere (It is still the old value).

I also see that no .fit files are saved on my computer.
I know it is all strange, but I cannot find a solution myself.

I will post an update tomorrow after cycling 2 times more than 5km.

I rode a test rit of about 5 km.
You can see the result below.
Again everything worked fine, but nothing is saved.
I have pictures from the end of the ride, during saving and also from my zwift from after the ride.
I will still do a test on my phone.

Hi @Pieter_Vanhauwermeir

I don’t think I have any more advice.

I would suggest sending your log files to Zwift. https://support.zwift.com/contact/contact-us-HJH8N4RNQ