Rider teleport

Worth noting that the jmx Trainer Coach program that become Zwift already had portal support with different assets loaded for when you look through the portal. Maybe not a new map as such, but certainly new textures.

That concept could work for the portal junction world.

As you ride towards the portal:

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that’s true but most games have a minimum spec and by trying to cater for virtually every device available it can hurt development and future expansion of the game

That already exists in Zwift

The fastest way to make bunches of people unhappy isn’t to not offer a service, it’s to offer it to some people and not to others. Even when it’s extra services some people pay for, but particularly when it’s extra services that aren’t a matter of subscription costs. The more you create haves and have nots, the unhappier people will become.

Some people have shadows. I used to be one of them, but now I’m using an Apple TV I’m a have-not. :frowning:

And, yes, my disappointment is immeasurable… :joy:

It’s a fair point, although I think some divergence is inevitable. Take the Sterzo as an example. It enables “steering” for some people and not others; and while it’s available to many people for an additional cost, it’s not something everyone can make use of for a variety of reasons.

Does that mean it shouldn’t have been implemented in the game?

No, I don’t want to make blanket statements. And you’re right that you can’t avoid some of it. But when people ask themselves if they are happy, they don’t look just at what they have–they look at what other people have that they either also or don’t have. And often that plays a bigger role in their happiness or lack of it than just looking at what they have. Millionaires don’t look at their millions, they look at the fact that other people have more than them, and they are unhappy.

So it’s not an absolute reason to exclude anything, but it’s definitely a factor you want to keep in mind.


Well, they need to solve the “warping” issue with the climb zone anyhow, so however they do that they can enable warping between worlds.

That said, they can merge the smaller worlds and NOT require any warping there at all since we know the game can support a world as big as wattopia. So, London, Innsbruck, Scotland, France for instance could be all merged together for one European world (or maybe separate out a UCI world etc. - who knows), riders can seamlessly go between these just like riding around wattopia, and whatever strava behavior the game does on a portal is how it’s handled for strava purposes when you go between largely different GPS coordinates (between london and france) for instance.

Then they can have a small portal map that you bike through without any delay (on any device) while waiting for the transition world to load in the time between larger worlds (Wattopia/Makuri/Europe/UCI/Climb).

Edit: Removed Richmond from Europe, ha :slight_smile:

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Yep. Just up the road from the Yorkshire course

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Guess I was typing a bit too fast, ha :slight_smile:

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In fairness i think richmond combined with france would give a decent amount of variation on terrain and graphics that might make it quite interesting to ride