Teleport to Yellow Beacon (teleport for Group Rides)

Teleport is IMO among one of the best features added to Zwift in the past while; however, it would be great if we could see this added to group rides as well.

Between the instances of:

    • Being re-routed down the wrong road (this appears to potentially be back yet again…)
    • Folks having to step away for longer than what the coffee break allows for; or being dropped for whatever reason.
    • The inability to sweep people simply too far back for whatever reason.

It would be a great addition, especially for endurance group rides, where late joining is inadequate compared to the actual length of the ride.

I should add:
This should be up to the person in charge of the ride to enable / disable this feature, same as allowing coffee break, late join, etc. etc.

Love this! Would be a good alternative to the coffee stop too. You just stop pedaling and then teleport when you are back.

@Andrew_Nuse, I like all of your suggestions :+1: