Position of riders information for yellow beacon

It would be very useful for a group ride leader (and red beacon) to see the (relative) position of the riders in the ride. This is very useful when trying to get people back on, to know if there is a group chasing at 40 seconds back or 2 minutes back. One solution would be to query people based on their position among riders and see their fan view, or distance to yellow/red. In this way, the sweeps can fall back and help with the chase on fenced group rides.

As it stands, Zwift is limited to displaying (and thus also listing), only 100 riders; which means for group rides > 100 riders, you cannot tell if anyone is being dropped etc.
Ghost riders makes this even worse (where a rider mid-pack might randomly appear behind you temporarily for a few seconds). Not sure when the ghost riders became a thing, but it has been a very prominent bug this year.

At least in the rides I’m beacons on, it’s the Red’s duty to keep Yellow informed of what’s going on, and times etc. More or less due to this issue of not really being able to tell as yellow at times.

After folks have been requesting the visibility of more than 100 riders for… long before I’ve been here, and seeing how it hasn’t even been addressed, I don’t see it happening any time soon, as it appears to be something fundamentally core to Zwift and its function; as it’s true even on Companion.

That said, there are potential alternative solutions using features already in place:

Thanks for your reply. In some group rides that I am in, there is a red beacon, unofficial backdraft, and back back draft sometimes. This is to help people who late join in the pen, or who have connection issues. The problem is that, sometimes you see a rider drop off the list and you are not sure if they left the ride. Then it becomes harder to assist them, if they are still riding.