Position indicator for group rides

This solution has been around for decades when it comes to other racing games on Nintendo/PS/Xbox. A simple position indicator stating your position in a group ride/race. Two numbers - your position and the total number in the group - if it could have a time indicator up to the 1st place then even better

With almost 3000 riders on Zwift at any given time the roads get congested and you can lose track of the group quickly. 


This would be good for races (but hard with different cats racing together). With an actual group ride, just time difference to group leader would be good

the ‘beacon’ of the ride leader also disappears quite quicly when you are either in front or behind the leader by a long distance. If people want realism that is fine, but an option for the beacon to be visible from a longer distance would be nice.

maybe an option to hide all other riders not in your group ride would be a convenient way to isolate the information and know where you are in the group relative to the course