Ride Leader drop-out - instant teleport back in

As a regular ride leader, occasionally there are times (when using the app to send instructions/encouragement and the ticket has been raised) when I get a drop out.  When the ride leader’s Zwift wakes back up, she/he can be many minutes behind.  Instead, when a ride leader rejoins, Zwift ought to teleport them to the position of the first rider in that event.

This will be hugely helpful to everyone, especially as the groups are getting even more popular.

As a regular ride leader, this is a GREAT idea. Can you help your hard working ride leaders and implement this Zwift?

Thank you David!

The Zwift event module is a great improvement and our efforts to offer a great Zwift experience has been improved a lot. Most visitors of our events don’t know that these rides are offered by other riders and think it is a Zwift service. At the moment we as ride leader disappear out of the event, mayhem gets loose and riders think Zwift didn’t deliver (and we but also Zwift get complaints).

For quality reasons it would be great that event hosts have several tools to ensure that great experience.

Use our experience for further development of the event module, we’ve got many hours event lead experience! Use that knowledge :slight_smile:


Yep. Would love this.  I have dropped out of my event and that’s it… all over.  But not only is it a problem for me, it leaves the bunch without el Presedente :slight_smile:

Call it “The Boss” option for Event leaders…  Separately - from time to time riding in a bunch, they just disappear … (not the dust storm).  then … magically reappear some (harrowing) seconds later.  thoughts ? is it just download of data issue?