Ride with Reason progress?

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #44

Only group rides are counted for week 2 of Ride with Reason. An easy way to find them is to use Zwift Companion to view the Events list and filter by “Group Ride”.

There are a few rides lead by Team Dimension Data pros to look for as well.

There are hundreds of group rides run throughout the week so finding 2 that fit your schedule shouldn’t be too terribly difficult. :ride_on:

Ride with reason group rides - does "E" count?
(Robert Bennett 🚀) #45

I did the HWC social ride this afternoon 12 Nov, but the progress bar did not change from being empty for week 2. I did get my progress from week 1 finally appear though.

(lukas ranicar) #46

Zwift really should be doing better when charity’s are involved. also please use something other than ms paint for the progress bar graphics. Zwift must have the resources to execute stuff like this better. worthwhile challenge, want to see more of this type of event in future.

(stephane nowfree52) #47

I did a " La Bicicletta Toronto Breakfast Club (B)" group ride, but the progress bar for the challenge is still empty, is the challenge still broken ?

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #48

Hey everyone,

We are tracking the issue with group rides not counting for the first 12 hours or so of stage 2 of Ride with Reason. We’ve rolled out a quick fix to the server and riders should be seeing progress now. We will be catching up all the progress for riders who rode a group ride earlier today which did not get captured.

(Rob W for Parkies) #49

Do events not count as a group ride? I did the top end tuning event and it hasn’t updated it on the ride with reason menu.

(Jakub Skowronski) #50

For example, if I already earned the gloves which seems to be week 4 challenge and I will complete 3 other missions, will I get the kit for completing all?

(Phil Everitt) #51

There are lots but not so many early morning PST rides. This is probably one I’m going to have to miss unfortunately.

(Vincent W.) #52

What time did you finish that ride?

(stephane nowfree52) #53

Hi, my group ride is still not showing in the progress bar. I did it yesterday at noon (CET time)

(T Larsson) #54

I rode 2 group rides yesterday (11/12)
Only 1 got counted in ride with reason…

Team Poland: Bike Atelier - Group Ride
SZR Evening Joyride


(Jakub Skowronski) #55

For example, if I already earned the gloves which seems to be week 4 challenge and I will complete 3 other missions, will I get the kit for completing all?

(Sonja Weber Ride4 Cf) #56

My group ride which I did yesterday is still not showing either, although I did the update. Same for my 6 yo son who is really frustrated about it, any ideas?

(Kari Viippola) #57

Same for me. No progress showing for group ride done yesterday at 3:30 eastern time.

(Owen Hazelby) #58

Yup, same for me.

2 groups rides, yesterday and today, both showing on my.zwift and zwiftpower but no progress showing for me on the bar on the homepage.

Do we have to reregister for the challenge? I got 2 of them done last week and I’m wearing the 2 items I got so I have clearly registered for it before but has the update meant we have to reregister to be credited with it now perhaps?

(Pe Tri P3) #59

Same with me. I did Ages Training Race (BRT). I can see that on my.zwift, Zwiftpower and Strava (as a group ride), but still no progress on progress bar. I plan to do next group ride today and I would like to rely on those two group rides to be enough to submit this goal. I really want to help a good cause and I like group rides, but for now I’m in the process of preparation and building ftp, so I need to work mainly alone :wink:

(Vincent W.) #60

Hey @stephane_nowfree52 @T_Larsson @Kubica @Sonja_Weber_RIDE4CF @Kari_Viippola @Owen_Hazelby We’re looking into the times you all did the group rides to see if it corresponds with the fix we sent out. Group rides after 10am PST should have counted but I’ll be double checking. If they were done before 10am PST we are working on crediting everyone :slight_smile:

(Pe Tri P3) #61

I did my groupride (race) at 6:50pm CET so 18:50 CET (so about 10 minutes before 10am PST (so I will wait :slight_smile: )) - Ages Training Race (BRT) - zwiftpower link - https://www.zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=101369

(Christian Olivier Julien 2288) #62


I did 3 group ride since yesterday and only one of them counted towards the Ride with Reason progress.


(i van) #63

Did you do all three rides in one Zwift session?