(Neil Hodges) #1

 The only way I can provide a ride-on is through my mobile link; there is no option at the top of the screen to click on. Also, my computer and mobile do not tell me who the Ride-on is from, what am I missing/doing wrong/not set-up correctly?


(Jason K) #2

As long as you’re in the world, you should see that button. Do you have a screenshot? Thanks!

(Neil Hodges) #3

Here you go

(Neil Hodges) #4

I can’t see a button :slight_smile:  I still cannot tell where a Ride-On comes from when I receive them, should I be able to?

(Neil Hodges) #5

aaahh, I have to click on a rider from the right handside rider list and then the button appears!  

How do I tell where a Ride On given to me has come from?

(Jason K) #6

Immediately after you receive the Ride On, you’ll see black text in the center area below your orange rider score bar. It only stays there for a few seconds, so you have to catch it when it shows up.

(Neil Hodges) #7

Thank you

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #8

If you were too focused on your workout and missed who gave you a ride on, you can also see a list post ride on your Zwift website dashboard :slight_smile: