Ride on thumb to myself bug?

Did ride today and after that I log in Zwift.com to take a look my activity feed. I clicked ride on symbol on my feed and noticed that I gave myself a ride on, is that suppose to be possible, I doubt that.

Hi @Juha_Lehtinen_Team_C
Thanks for flagging this up. Want to ask for more detail on where this is happening.

Is it:

  1. You go to your own Acitivity feed on The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
    2a. Looking at the list of all the activities, you’re able to click on the Ride On
    3a. Once you click on that specific ride - the Ride On you gave yourself is visible.

Or is it:
2b. You click on one specific acitivity
2c. Then click the Ride On.
2d. That opens a list of people you received a Ride On from, but you’re not one of them.

I was log in to my account on zwift.com to take a look my yesterdays activity feed. I click the thumb to see who gave me ride-ons. When i did that i gave myself a ride-on as well. I checked from the companion app as well did i really gave myself a ride-on and yes there it is.

I just tried this and when i click on the thumb i just get the pop up showing who gave a ride on.

does anyone else use the device you’re using to check zwift.com? could it be signed in as their account?

When I log in to my Zwift account I select activity feed → just me tag. That tag you can see all your activities. I didn’t select any activities, I just clicked thumb in a blue box any of those activities.

ah yes - i had gone in to the activity.
just tried as you described above and did the same for me


that is from my last activity