Ride On Stalker?

Hi Zwifters. Who doesn’t like a Ride On, right? But I seem to have one particular Ride On giver (to remain nameless) that gets me almost every time, yet I never see her on the road. Now, admittedly, I do have a pretty atractive avatar, but come on!

Is this a Zwift robot? A stalker? Or how does this gal find me on the road?

Just curious,thanks.




Is the stalker following you on Zwift? If so, they could have set notifications up in ZML to know when you are riding even if they are not in-game. They can then give you a ride on. At least this is my understanding of the process.

On a side note - how do I get a stalker. Sounds kinda cool. :wink:

I think ZML automates some Ride On’s. I honestly wish I could opt out of those things.

I don’t ‘think’ I’ve ever had or given an automated ‘Ride On’.

I’m sure I’d notice in among the pathetic smattering of Ride Ons I get if there was one which didn’t make sense. 

The majority of Ride Ons I get come from people who know and loathe me in real life.