Olden Grumpini

Seems like every single group ride I participate in I get a “Ride On” from a rider that goes by the name of “Olden Grumpini”.  Yet this rider is NEVER in the group ride/race.  Annoying.

I’m guessing you are on his friends list and have been added to his favorite lists This means when you start a ride he gets an alert and pops into the ZML and gives you a Ride On. 

Yeah I get them from this person as well. They must follow everyone on Zwift.

I know I don’t want Ride On’s that are automated. Very cheesy. Getting to where I don’t even want to run ZML.

You should all put in a request for a new type of ‘Ride On’…

One with a middle finger perhaps? :slight_smile:

What would it be called? A GoFY ? :slight_smile:

Olden Grumpini used to be Olden Tyred. I get them too. Check out his picture. That dude needs some food :wink: