Ride on on companion app map rideon's not working

Using the companion app in conjunction with Apple TV.

If you select the icon on the map showing your location it’s meant to send rideon’s to riders that are close. Sometimes it shows with the circle around your location icon other times there’s no circle so it’s disabled. Is there a reason? Otherwise the companion app work ok.

The circle will not be there in races,group rides or workout mode.

I’m not doing any of those Gerrie just on free rides only with no one. Sometimes the circle has appeared when I zoom in on the map but mostly it doesn’t show. Using an iPhone 8 plus.

It’s there 90% of the time in workout mode.

Cool so its not just my app not doing it. Hard to do when you have to give individual ride ons now instead of just mashing like you used to be able to do.

Hopefully it comes back soon (or someone works out a work around)

Any progress looking into this? Good feature but only works sometimes.

Still not working. Is this being looked at or supposedly fixed.