Ride London - Stage 1

Hi there;

I rode in the Cat A Ride London Stage 1 event on December 9 at 6:00 pm EST. Nearing the finish, the distance counter was down to 0k left - then it began to count up from 0. This was the first event of this kind I have done on Zwift - so I thought I was finished and quit the event before the results screen. My activity shows in my profile - but I did not receive a result for my effort. This is as it should be, I guess, but my question is - Does Zwift count this as my having completed Stage 1 or will I have to do the make up event for that stage? I think I was like 400m short…

It has been fixed see this:

Did you get an email from Zwift that you completed stage 1? I think you will need to re-ride it, make up day is today and tomorrow so “get er done!”

No - no email received for Stage 1 - but each other one, yes. So my re-do is booked for tomorrow at 11:00.

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Hi @Willard_VanderPloeg
Welcome to Zwift forums, and thanks for writing in.

A couple of things:
As Gerrie noted, the distance bug that shows an incorrect distance to the finish line was fixed in last Friday’s release. If you’ve updated the Zwift app since then this annoying bug should have gone away. Has it?

I looked into your session logs on our server, and on December 9, you indeed unlocked the Greater London Flat route achievement for Stage 1. For anyone else reading along: you can verify which routes you’ve received credit for by going to Settings > Badges (in game) and looking for it among your achievements.

I took the liberty of digging a little deeper and it appears you did not unlock the achievement badge for Stage 5 (at least during the TdL window). Would you verify you have all these badges?

Stage 1 Greater London Flat
Stage 2: London 8
Stage 3: London Triple Loops
Stage 4: Greatest London Flat
Stage 5: Keith Hill After Party

You will unlock the kit for TdL along with all other finishers next week. This weekend’s makeup sessions will be the last opportunity to mop up any incomplete stages.


I do have the first 4 badges - but I don’t even see a spot for a badge for Keith Hill After Party. I did Stage 5 last night and did get a finish result.

So, if I have the badge for Greater London Flat (I at least will have completed 1 lap) do I need to re-do stage 1 tomorrow?

You don’t have to re-do Stage 1 if you have completed Greater London Flat.

Thanks, Shuji - just to clarify:

I looked at the badge section in my iOS app - there isn’t a spot for a badge for Keith Hill After Party. Surrey Hills is there but not Keith Hill. Checked on my Mac as well and it is the same. Perhaps that will come when the make up sessions are finished up?

Ugh, you’re right. There isn’t a badge for Keith Hill After Party. In your case - if you saw the finish result banner, you’re ok.

You probably remember crossing the KOM banner on Keith Hill? You should be fine.

Definitely I crossed the finish (harsh lesson at the end of stage 1) and saw the results. Got an email as well. Ok, sounds like I’m good then. Thanks!

I just completed the 5 th stage of London on Thursday

I have received emails for all the other stages I completed but not the 5 th stage

Now I am receiving emails to say reminder I can make up for stages I’ve missed

Just wondering if this last stage was missed for some reason or is it a glitch

I don’t particularly feel like doing the 5 th stage again lol , although the stages did keep me honest lol

Rebecca Williams

Hi @Rebecca_Williams_TT1
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I took at look at your session logs on our game server, and see you completed a Keith Hill route in this event.

There’s some weirdness in your case. The session you rode Keith Hill ended (logged out) Dec 20 12:15am California time / 19:15 Sydney time. But the previous log in to the game was two days prior, and it’s likely that you were not credited for Stage 5.

Our game server logs everything that happens between your first log in and the last logout. If something happens in between, such as: 1) you have to pause for a while and forgot to save & exit the game, 2) the game crashed 3) you or someone else logged in the game from a second computer, all those things can cause you not to get credit for miles / elevation / route completions / event completions.

Now armed with that context: best practice is to always save & exit as soon as you complete a route, so that the details of that session are uploaded to our server. At that point, the game should close completely. The next time you ride, you should be prompted for your email / password. That prompt is how you know the game app closed down completely.

On AppleTV entering your email / password is kludgy with the AppleTV remote, but if you don’t see this prompt? It’s possible your previous session didn’t terminate & upload the details of that ride. On AppleTV, you might take the extra step of force-closing the Zwift game app. Sorry for the long response, but wanted to arm you with some knowledge.