Ride leader designation for events

Quick suggestion: Events could show that they will have a ride leader so that people who sign up for an event know to expect a ride leader. This would help new people to Zwift to pick a ride at their level and with a leader that would help enforce the ride speed.

As an example, I did an event ride today that appeared to offer a leader and a ride of 2-2.5 wkg, but there wasn’t a leader and of course the ride started way faster. I’ve been in Zwift for years so I knew what was going on, but for noobs this would be a big turn off I’d think.

The companion app shows who is supposed to lead the ride, so the info is available in the companion app only however, so would be nice on the actual game too.

Of course, I’ve been on rides when the leader has technical difficulties and doesn’t show or is able to join late at least. Usually they have teammates on the ride so they get a text or whatever to alert everyone else. It happens, but pretty uncommon.

The ride leader should always be there. If they no show after a few minutes I usually drop out and do something else If the ride isn’t orderly. “Celebrity” leaders seem to be less reliable than regulars.

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Looking at past events for those rides in ZP, none appear to have a leader noted (normally shown in ZP). And finishing times suggest people just organising themselves, which would happen without a lead. The description says: Join the MAAP crew each week, we’ll roll as a group at a moderate 2-2.5 w/kg pace. I don’t even see any riders with a Maap tag to suggest they have a crew :face_with_monocle:

This event shows the leader: ZwiftPower - Login

I’m not suire if it used to show the leader in signups, just the results.

Thats your event (btw, great turnout … congrats) but yes, that’s what I would expect to see in ZP but in the larger MAAP events, nothing.

Just checked the next MAAP event on Thursday kiwi time and two leads are shown on Companion App but the one lead with open Profile hasn’t even ridden these events (I got bored looking back beyond 2020).

I suspect they just set these up as part of a commercial arrangement … set and forget. Bit of a shame as OP noted. That particular ride is in my ride time sweet spot so if by chance you hear that they want a lead, you are welcome to hit me up.

Yep, noted.

I’ll pass feedback back to our team that have the relationship with MAAP.

Can you send me an example ride link so I can pass it on?


Could well be that the lead(s) is/are not on ZP.

@Mike_Rowe1, thanks for that suggestion – 6 years on Zwift and I never knew you could tap the category/avg w/kg bar (for lack of a better term) in the ZC app and see the leaders/sweepers!

I think it would be helpful to have a simple leader icon/word that’s part of the distance/time/cat description. That’s a small change and it would perhaps underscore the importance of two things – a) there’s a ride leader or not b) to expect to follow the ride leader if there is – both things that we all know tend to have some issues. If there’s no leader when you start, like @Paul_Southworth noted, people will know there’s an issue and can decide what to do on their own – and perhaps they’ll understand it’s likely going to turn into a mosh pit with no leader.

I didn’t really care about it so much, I just had that idea to emphasize “leader” more while riding as the lead group pushed away at well over the advertised pace. But someone did get to add a leaderless 2-2.5 ride to their palmares… : )

One of the issues is that not all group rides have good / or any information about the ride. This tells you if it is a ride with a lead and sweep support and what W/kg - speed the ride runs at. Personally I would not join a ride without all the basic information.

Every week I set up a group ride and due to us having various sweeps / leads and two separate groups I always check the ride in ZP a couple of hours before where you can clearly see who is who.

I do use a higher Cat rider than the ride runs at as a B Cat at Sub 2 will be at Z2 and therefore have a lot more control.

If group organisers get the basics right it does make it far easier. All the information should be on ZP and maybe it is time that ZHQ start to remove rides/ events which do not show any information…

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The Public Calendar needs a significant overhaul at some stage, both for group rides and races.

It’s an extremely big job though and not one we’re quite ready to start on just yet.


A smaller update but would be useful if companion showed which leaders/sweeps have actually signed up to the event rather than having to rely on zp

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