Result/Gain deleted from Event (for all)

I did a race last night and at first (and until early this morning) everybody had ranking Result scores and Gains. Now they have gone. At first I thought I might have been DQ’d as I had HRM issues on my main file (although I dual recorded) but realise now it is not just for me but for all.

Any clues on the event?

Hey James, it was Critty Critty Bang Bang ZwiftPower - Login

Thanks Ian. I’ll try and find out.

Same thing for last night’s HJC Grand Prix. (1700 EST) The gain is reflected in my profile; just not on the event results. So it might be a more widespread glitch. The gain display on the results appeared/vanished several times last night.

Ian’s is different - the points don’t show on profile or event.

Ah, they’re back. If that was you James, thanks

Back for my race, too. I think it was the same issue – my comment just wasn’t clear. My ranking reflected the gain, but the gain was not shown on my profile this morning.

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