Respawned in wrong location after event


After my event today, I respawned in the wrong part of the map for the route that I had chosen.

  1. I chose Sleepless City in Neoyko, Makuri Islands and spawned just in front of the arcade.
  2. Without riding the route, I immediately joined my event (9am ET El Giro de Rigo B ride). I intended to use the route for cool down and get the badge.
  3. After I finished the event, I hit Let’s Go to return to Makuri Islands.
  4. I respawned somewhere near the castle in Yumezi, but the progress bar clearly showed the Sleepless City route.
  5. I ended the ride, discarded it, chose Sleepless City again from the route menu, and respawned in front of the arcade again.

I don’t require a response. Your development team might want to know about this and anyone else who has encountered the problem can like the post.