Meet Up Start Location on Map

Hey guys, sorry if this has been reported/asked before. I started a Meet Up (my own) for Lutscher CCW that starts you right before the banner at the top of the KOM. I was warming up in Watopia for 15 min or so before joining my meet up.

I started correctly at the top of the climb, but my post-ride activity started me in town and there’s a straight line going across the map to where I actually started at the top of the KOM.

Any insight on how to avoid this? It has happened to me on my own meet ups or when joining friends’ MUs. This time I was the only MU rider affected by the glitch. Thanks!

No need to post in two places. I’ve replied to your thread in the General Discussion forum.

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This is better categorized as a Bug, and I can’t delete the post on GD.

Please reread my question, if you don’t know please don’t give me other random information. I know that certain meet ups start in different places vs picking the route on Free Ride. My question is about why there’s a straight line cutting across my ride map when I save my ride. It should show where I actually started riding in game when I joined the event.

Yes, the map isn’t ideal, but that’s the way it is.