Resistance slowly increases in ERG mode, then disables

I just started a my second training program. Halfway through the first workout (on a flat course), I noticed the resistance was increasing. ERG mode says it’s on, but it gets harder and harder to pedal to the point that I can’t even turn the pedals in the lowest gearing combo. So I have to stop, and ERG says temporarily disabled. When I start pedaling again it’s better, but it almost immediately starts again. I tied the re-calibrate using the TacX Utility, and that disconnected the signal to my trainer, couldn’t reconnect, had to re-boot zwift, and lost my workout progress.

I’m using a TacX Flux S trainer, only a couple months old, with an Android Tablet (BLE signal - I know, I have an ANT+ dongle ordered.)

This was never a problem during my first 4 week FTP builder training program. What the F is going on?

You may be pedalling slower so that it turns up the resistance to make you stay at the target power, then you can’t produce enough torque and it just keeps producing more resistance until you can no longer pedal. You just have to try to keep your cadence up and if it drops stamp on the pedals. In ERG mode it makes you produce the set power by adjusting resistance, being in your smallest gear will only work until the resistance kicks in (a fraction of a second).

I think this is it… I started again with more determination, and figured this out myself. Thanks for confirming!