Resistance Oddity @ 8km Mark

(Rob Toeppner) #1

Great new island!   Love the monuments, bridges, climbs and even the rear bike lighting.

I noticed a harsh resistance increase for ~ 2 seconds almost exactly at the 8km mark (at whatever direction we are going currently).

It was pretty abrupt, almost stopping my KICKR, then it resolved itself quickly.   I did 2 laps, and didn’t seem to notice it the second time around though - just reporting it in case.

(Norman Wolfe) #2

I think I know the spot you mean. I noticed a short high resistance bump like that on a few of my laps yesterday. The speed overall seems more accurate except going from a downhill into an uphill. The speed slows quicker than if on a real hill as the resistance seems to kill the momentum. I think that is what is happening on that 2 second section. It is a small bump of a climb and goes back into a downward slope.

(Jürgen Waldick ZRG) #3

Yep, I experienced the same thing at several locations. Someone described it as a slingshot effect at the crest of a hill which corresponds pretty well to the getting stuck in the mud feeling when transitioning from down to uphill.

It seems to me to be a disconnect between rpm and resistance changes in elevation changes…

I do think the Zwift team did a great job the new island! Good job guys!

(Norman Wolfe) #4

Yes I should say kudos to the team for the new course. I really enjoyed it as well.