Resistance not working correctly

Anybody know why the resistance does not work properly recently. It works opposite ,hard on the decents easy on the climbs. Not sure if it was the recent update but was around that time!
Any ideas how to fix?

Please provide more information, than you can expect help:

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A mi me pasa exactamente lo mismo, la resistencia no funciona correctamente, se endurece en las bajadas y suaviza en las subidas, se sabe algo al respecto y como se puede solucionar?

I’ve heard people have this and then on updating firmware, pumping up tyres to the correct pressure (say 110 psi) and tightening the roller onto the wheel block the correct number of turns they find it works properly.

Jason i have had this since April. I just finished Dust in the Wind right now and it was doing it. -3% is harder than 3% and also crazy fluctuations at the end in the flats. I use ATV4 and Saris H3 over BT. I have no idea how to fix.


I had the same problem. One of the Mods, Gerrie, suggested and Ant + dongle. I purchased the Amazon recommended $24.95 device and it works great. I just run the Saris over FEC but everything else via bluetooth on the companion app. You need to run the Ant+ dongle off a PC or Mac USB port that is running Zwift. My 2012 MacBook Pro with a discreet Nvidia chip runs Zwift acceptably.
It was really convenient running the ATV but it, even after the update, seemed iffy. I use a Saris H3 and before this started in April it worked impeccably. HTH