Resistance issue when pairing

hello, as soon as i pair zwift to my trainer, the resistance is incredibly high in free ride and in workout mode ! although my FTP is low (i am newbie) and gears are low… when not paired to zwift, trainer works fine…:confused: anybody who can help

When you say ‘as soon as i pair’ are you still in the pairing/ menu screens?

Does the resistance ease once you enter a world? (be aware New York can spawn you on a 8% hill).

I find that as the world is loading i have a default high resistance and then it eases as the world appears. I am on ANT+ connection though.

thanks for your reply!
no… it remains very heavy even when in the free ride or workout for more than 15 secs… but it is so heavy that i can not turn the pedal…

kind regards, Helen. :blossom:

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