Resistance Disappears at Same Spot

I don’t ride this section often, but every time I do the resistance on my trainer (Neo 2 and running Zwift on Apple TV) disappears briefly before returning.

The section is when headed from Hank’s, across the 360 Bridge, and then taking the left fork in the road to head toward Sequoia Circle.

It’s somewhere right as I enter the ‘transition zone’ of the intersection. It doesn’t last long, but long enough for the legs to make a few unanticipated pedal stokes at a rapid cadence.

I noticed this too, in various intersections in Watopia. When I come close to the intersection sign the trainer loses resistance, it lasts for no much longer than a second.

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Probably the same as this: Brief loss of resistance after some turns in Watopia


Yeah, I have tested this on 4 different PCs, 2 different trainers and even in two different rooms.

So i’m pretty sure it isn’t my set up that is causing it. It is fine on the parts between turnings and only occurs shortly after the turning selection pop up disappears.