Resetting PB times

Hi I haven’t been able to reset the PB times.
On Ipad I tried deleting the app and reinstalling as per the FAQ
Logged in on Mac - and the PB times are the same so it must be on the server
Anyone know how to reset.

I was testing the manual Treadmill app on iphone and was running too fast briefly - and its messed up the PB’s

Don’t know about running, but for cycling the PB’s within Zwift only last about a month.

If you’re talking about Strava, that’s a different matter.

I am assuming you mean these:
Q: How do I enter my pace?

A: If you want to manually edit your pace, you can go to your User Profile in game, and edit your 1mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon times.


There are no Segment/KOM/Sprint times within Zwift for runners.


When I am running then hit pause button
It has
This run - 400m 800m 1km 1mile
then underneath it it has
your best - for 400m 800m 1km 1mile. ****** what I want to reset is this.

Changing the user profile pace for 1 mile doesn’t change this.