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Yesterday I did a 6km run. 1st km was warmup and then km 2-6, I pushed for PB.

I crushed my old 5km record but it’s not recorded as my 5km PB in my profile.

Will PB only be registered if it is the 1st mile/km/5km etc?

Hate to have to redo it again :sob::sob::sob:

Hi, I recently did a 5km pb and was asked if I wanted to update my time.

You could still enter it manually in Zwift if you want it as the pace baseline for workouts.


So you did a 5km run and a 5km PB?

I’m trying to figure out if I can do a 6km run, where the first 1km is warmup, then go for the 5km PB on km 2 - 6

At least with 1mile and 1km it seemed to register, no matter where in the run I broke my PB


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Yes, I ran 5 k pb and then was asked by Zwift if I wanted to accept the new time.