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is it possible to wipe the whole activity feed? Like a new start (but without losing XP)? Will this reset also the zwiftpower data? I tried to set all the past activities as private, but it is not working.

After a couple of weeks I realized that weight is an important data (real weigh, not ideal one), and in a few days I’ll recive also a new trainer (my actual is absolutely unprecise, tested with a friend’s power pedals it seems to have a 15% oscillation depending on power zones).

I don’t want to restart from level 1 with a new account, but at the same time I will be so happy with the corect statistics to play with. Please tell me what to do =)

Thanks in advance!

To reset Zwift power data you have to contact Zwift power.

Are you talking about your best 1 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute power stats within Zwift?

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No, I know for that I have to cancel the “CP” folder on my PC, I mean the other statisctics that zwiftpower will catch (best climb, watopia tours, kom, etc)

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Done with the zwift power support team on their forum ^^

Thanks for the help, see you around! =)

Can someone from Zwiftpower rest my account? I have a new trainer and my estimated FTP and w/kg dropped dramatically.

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