Request: Importing custom workouts into iOS app

Right now the only way to load custom workouts into the iOS app is to use iTunes. This is not user friendly at all. Zwift should be able to accept custom workouts via AirDrop file transfers and via E-Mail or other sources using the iOS share sheet. If AirDropped the .zwo file extension should be registered with the Zwift iOS app and should launch the app. From E-Mail a user should be able to use the share sheet to open in Zwift. In both cases (AirDrop or via iOS share sheet) Zwift should launch and automatically copy the custom workout into the workouts folder. Just display a message in the UI to inform the user that the custom workout has been added. This is a common workflow in iOS apps that deal with files. It is a way for you to make it easier for your customers to import workouts without having to design a file manager into your app. This shouldn’t be a lot of work. If you want to go a step further you could move the workouts folder to iCloud. This would give users direct access to the workouts folder using the iOS 11 “Files” app, then users would be able to bulk copy/delete workouts on iOS just like they can on Windows and macOS, and again, you wouldn’t have to implement your own file manager into the Zwift app if you did this. I’m surprised you haven’t done this already. I ride with a large group of people at a local bike shop, it is annoying to have to use iTunes to import the shop’s custom workouts every day. The shop has the ability to AirDrop and E-Mail the workouts, that would be so much more seamless!