Request for realistic resistance option

I’d like the option to use Zwift in a mode that more realistically simulates the hill gradients with the Kickr trainer. My understanding is that the climbs are “flattened” a bit to make it easier to ride with non-smart trainers. I get that, but I’m using the Kickr and Zwift to train for some real life mountain rides, and I’d like to get some good hard climbs in. An option to toggle this on/off might work, and some indication that this mode is engaged on the rider’s icon on the rider list.

It’s coming in a future release! No timeline yet.


How exactly has this been implemented? I.e. I know there’s a slider - but which position most reflects “reality?”

Slide it to 100%. It feels remarkably like riding outside. That 14% grade at the radio tower really hurts!

Hi Robin,

I highly recommend reading this for starters:

And Imma close this thread as it’s certainly over a year old now :slight_smile: