NOOB Mac, kickr, gradient, resistance. bkool

(W Z.) #1

I also use bkool. last night was my first ride(thank you). Im not feeling that the gradient resistance is what I feel on riding uphill on bkool. it changes but not what I would expect a hill to feel like. I can stii use a small cog in back.

Any advice? Is my set up wrong?

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #2

Zwift is intentionally scaling hills to make them easier to make it more “fun.” This used to be more important on the clockwise course because of the two 10% climbs. They’ve said they may add the option of realistic resistance later.


(W Z.) #3

Thanks for that, Christian!

(' BTCNJ-Jim-HUBS(D)) #4

Cool - Bkool , did not know the Bkool was supported , thought it was a closed system . What were the settings you used to make it work ?

(W Z.) #5

Bkool uses the same Ant set up. The rides are fun and the 3d is good not as cool but very interesting. They try and use geographical markers from your rides to recreate a scene. Today I rode up over the tree line. The gradients are more in line with outside(something im sure zwift will get to). I was in the little/big today going up 7%

(Bruno Oliveira) #6

i have bkool, but when it start to climb, there was no change in the resistance. when i made the setup, it did not apear bkool as option