KCKR on Descents

On the last few sessions I’ve done, I’ve noticed a resistance oddity on a partucular descent with the KCKR.  

This occurs on the final descent to the straightaway just before you see a windmill.  The numbers are guesses, but let’s say you are on a -4% grade which lessens to a -2% grade.

For that brief period (maybe 2-3 secconds) the KCKR gives a lot more resistance, almost like a climbing segment.

Sure, the descent becomes less steep, but never a positive grade that I can spot that should trigger that effect.

All other descents and climbs seem very good, no issues.   I can consistently repro it in that last spot in my last 2 rides.

Thanks for the report, Rob! I’ve created a ticket for this issue so we can follow with you.

I ride a Wahoo KICKR too and I know what Rob is pointing out, I felt it too.  But the more I think about real life descents that level out and then descend again, the more convinced I become that the same effect exists in real life. So I think that you are calibrated very well, maybe a bit high in that one spot.  On the trainer, think we probably notice the effort more than we do in real life because we don’t have the normal distractions; bike handling, setting up the corners, steering at high speeds, etc.  

ON a KICKR there is also a spot today early on in that descent toward the finish where the speed jumps way up and then settles back into something more realistic. Resistance on the KICKR is really uniform in that area though.

If it keeps raining here I’ll have an update for you earlier than next week.

I noticed this as well, in the same spot. It does feel like there is too much of an increase in resistance, not a spike but it does feel more like more like a climb or a hard sprint than just a shallower grade.