Request for features

  1. Add average speed on top bar alongside speed.

  2. Add the name of the route you are doing on the top bar having selected a specific route/badge.

  3. Be able to click a badge under ‘badges’ and for that route to automatically be selected for your ride - save having to go hunting for it in the route menu.

  4. On the ‘Zwifters Nearby’ board, pin the ride leader on the board so you can easily see where you are (time wise) in relation.

Thank for considering these suggestions.

Tim Jones (Oxford UK - Vegan Zwift Team)

Pinning the leader is a nice idea and i like the idea of badges and going right to what you need to do it.

Great ideas. I second them all.

Devil’s advocate: It sounds like a fine idea if you/'re Zwifting on a desktop OS tethered to a 50" big screen TV.

But how’s all that information going to fit on a 5" smartphone screen? If you’re asking for OS-specific user interfaces, that opens a whole other can of worms.

I would like to have the option to store fit files in iCloud Drive (iOS, iPadOS and tvOS). I.e. when I am using zwift on Apple TV I do not have to get worry with internet issues and can safe later my progress (.fit). Thanks

Easy answer - allow the UI to be customisable. Choose which elements to display. Simples…

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