Request for 30 minute daily training plans

Hi Zwift,

I love this game/program. It’s amazing. And I love the new training plans. I tried one, but with such a busy schedule I don’t currently have time to ride for 60-90 minutes a day - except on weekends. So I ended up canceling the plan and now I’m just riding for 30 minutes with no plan.

So, I’m wondering if for a future update you might consider 30 minute training plans for busy people - possibly with a longer ride on Saturday? You may find a lot of people, like me, who want a structured training plan for the sake of staying in shape, and not necessarily for racing. I haven’t found anything within Zwift that will allow me to have a structured 30 minute plan.

Even with 30 minutes of good work I can make consistent gains.

Thanks for your consideration,

Manny Josbena

We’ll look into it for you Manny! Training plans are carefully constructed so they’re made to be challenging but also safe for the body. If we can find that balance with your request then we might have something here. :) 

Thanks a bunch for your consideration, Vincent! :slight_smile:

7 minute abs.  We guarantee just as good a workout as the eight minute folks or we’ll send you the extra minute for free.