Replacing in the group

(Philippe Parack) #1


Do you know how to position yourself behind another rider/within the group, for example if you are a little too far to the side?

(Kit Mitchell) #2

I don’t believe there is any way to control movement left to right (or vice versa).

I’m not sure it really matters. If you’re in a group with others, I think you get the same drafting regardless of where your avatar is located laterally.

Perhaps someone else will chip in and tell us I’m completely mistaken and it does make a difference. 

(Philippe Parack) #3

Already seen this multiple times, and that’s very annoying when someone is for exemple at the mid rear wheel, on your right, and blocks you on the side while the group turns in right direction. You do more distance (take a large turn), and aren’t in the draft yet. 

Don’t know if they use a cheat or sth :

(Vince Kim) #4

if im off to the side i try to either slow down a bit or speed up to get back into the pack. sometimes it works sometimes not. but no real way to control avatar’s lateral movement.

(Paul Graham) #5

A little manual lateral movement would be a great feature when Zwift matures a little. Details like having to slow down to corner or the rider tumbles …

I’m getting carried away now :slight_smile:

Ride On!.