Repack Ridge Updates

Riding in Titans Grove today and noticed a small tweak to the starting area of Repack Ridge. You can see there is almost a dual Pen area I haven’t seen before. Plus the end of Repack is right near the mountain where there are construction cones. Interested for sure as I’ve only ridden repack a handful of times and enjoyed it.


not sure if you saw that in the update notes, race pens would be cool for sure!

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Yes I saw that and the construction cones. Slowed down to scope out any changes I could see. This dual lane on the top right map is what I found…. So far

hoping for the ability to do loops rather than getting dumped back onto titans grove

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end of the road looks like it comes out near the bridge far end outside titans grove so I don’t think that will be an option.

loops would be cool though if it’s a proper event stage now though with pens it looks like that is going to be an option.

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It would definitely be good to have a start point in Repack Ridge without having to ride Titans Grove first.


Gonna head back down to snag some more investigation photos, but there are construction zone cones across the road near the end of the Repack Ridge. Perhaps creating a loop that goes through the Mountain across from road and back out crossing the tarmac again at the start line?

the finish end there is very little to see but here is the new starting pens


Near the top of the KOM without a Banner is the construction zone I was mentioning. Greta shot of the pens!

that’s on the wrong side of the road isn’t it?

The old repack ride used to come out somewhere near there on the other side

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This is south of the KOM finish. repack is to the right of this yes. Perhaps you start repack in the pens, ride the route, come out and ride the KOM then enter the Mountain or a new zone under construction.

Well aware there are construction sites all over Watopia like in the Dust near AdZ or in the Desert new the deserted town.

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Titans Grove area before update:

Titans grove area in 1.39:
These were the parts I saw on the minimap. There’s also that “Repack Rush” segment with a negative gradient, so maybe a DH line.
The twisties at the top of the Repack climb looked a different color/texture on the minimap in-game, but I think they’ll keep it.


I’m looking forward to seeing one million user-suggested trails on the forum after this is released


Not what I’m starting at all… :upside_down_face:

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Now I’ll have to track down the construction cones in the desert… if close enough it could create a massive off road type route or maybe setup multiple routes coming up.

like a gravel mountain? :man_shrugging:

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Maybe the oasis section of the desert will have a rock collapse and everyone will have to take a 5km gravel detour to get back to LAX area. :wink:

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There’s been a start pens in the desert near Saddle Springs, maybe they could open that up and we could have more roads in the desert near the oasis.

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What’s on Zwift is talking about this, saying in a post 1.42 is “live” (think they’re a little ahead of themselves) and linked to this…

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Yeah I saw the “update” they mentioned but nothing is live yet. I’m excited to try it out for sure. Lots of competition coming for racing and other avenues to help keep Zwift on their toes.