Renewing problem in apple store 2023-08-04

Hello, there!

I’ve renewed in the apple App Store, but my account is still showing me the 25km trial and not as a full member.

Is there an admin who can help with this? Thanks!!!!!

How long ago did you renew as it sometimes takes a short while to activate.

Hi @Bumeili_Ellie

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Sorry to hear that you’re still seeing that trial message in the app. As @10K.Every.Day.In.23 mentioned, there can be a delay with Apple servers letting our servers know that this has been paid. This usually resolves itself in a couple of hours.

I took a look at your account, refreshed our server connection with Apple and you should be good to go now. That being said, in the future, if you have any account issues, we do suggest reaching out to our support staff as we don’t like to handle account issues in the forums.

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Hi, Purchase date is Aug. 1, 2023.:joy_cat:

Thanks! I see it’s ready! Thank you for help, and thanks for the forum admins! You guys are great! Let’s ride!

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Yeah, it shouldn’t have taken that long, but you should be good now as it changed to active when I refreshed the connection.