Remove Coffee Stop Function

The problem here is really that the Etape events were originally created as races (no coffee break) and people who like races enjoyed that, then they converted them to group rides in the middle of the series. That’s being discussed on the forum topic linked below. I don’t see this as an issue with coffee break, but if you went into the event imagining a race experience, I’m not surprised.

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$14.95 a month.

They should just set up a Z2 workout and do that. Then they wouldn’t really be able to sprint.

Then why limit coffee stops? Let Zwift provide a full e-bike mode where your avatar just cruises around without any power input.

Once you say coffee stops should be limited, then it opens the question about what the limit should be.

What about making a coffee stop charge you one level?

For example use coffee stop and you drop back to level 49 from 50? :cowboy_hat_face:

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I don’t know why people are so bothered with coffee stops.
Personally, I think it’s great. Sometimes you just need a minute or two, to take care of something (kids, dogs, delivery, fan,light, do I need to go on). Or maybe walk off a cramp. If you don’t like the concept, don’t use them.
What other people do, affects you zero.
Don’t sweat the small things. JMO


I know, just thought with all the fuss on levels then linking that in with coffee stops would be the ultimate win. :wink:

Nobody ever uses coffee stops where I ride on ADZ - hardly anyone there.

They are all used on Col du Tempus Fugit.

I want a tick box in my profile that’s “Does not drag coffee stoppers”.

I get more annoyed by when I’m doing something solo and I pass a rider who then leeches onto me for a free ride for a while. I have them hovering around my avatar while I ride. Can we have options on

  • Cannot be coffee shopped (I’m anti-social, no-one can attach to me! Teflon rider)
  • Friendly coffee only (if I follow you or we follow each other, then we can coffee stop each other)
  • Costa Coffee option (serves everyone, anyone can attach, use and abuse everywhere)

i used to put a strip of electrical tape over my monitor to stop myself from staring at my heart rate. dumb but effective

Switch to first person view for a few minutes, you’ll survive.

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Plus you get to luck at someone else’s rear end rather than your own. What’s not to like?

If we can get selective, I want a setting that only lets me coffee stop attach myself to a) men b) at 400w+ c) and HR of 150+ d) talking in the chat about ‘Z2 day’ or how they’re hurt or sick so don’t expect much from them today.


I’m not really complaining, but I did have an observation that is relevant to your question. On group rides I’ve noticed that Coffee Stoppers often float to the front of a group and push the pace on climbs where they are more likely to “need” the break haha. I’ve seen it happen in small and large groups where someone, or many people, hit a coffee stop and the next thing you know the group splits with people “chasing” the coffee stoppers.

As far as I’m concerned the riders should disappear, stop contributing to draft, and re-appear (teleport) next to the person they attached to when their break is done. Given the complexity that would introduce, I’m not expecting the behavior to change, but to me it makes more sense. I’ve used coffee stop a few times and then been annoyed that I have “free” miles in Strava, etc. I try to limit my use as much as possible - I’ve done a few centuries without stopping, but more often than not I need a bathroom break. I’ll try to use it on flats or downhills and I’ll make up the mileage after, but I’d rather lose the mileage and teleport than feel like I’m getting a free mile or two.

Alternatively, or in addition, to help resolve the overuse and pace pushing issue, Zwift could have them cost something, like 20k drops, or similar. It would discourage people from hitting it every 30 minutes on every group ride. It would also give people something to use drops on.

I’m fine if nothing changes though - not complaining.

I think that the coffee stop is, next to the pace partners, the best development ever in Zwift. I do have a chuckle when I see that people appear in coffee stop mode with the fastest bot and then disappear once over. They are clearly gaming their XP. So, in short, it’s great. Let’s keep it and for those older riders with the bladder of a gerbil, it’s very helpful.

You can just drop to 0 watts for a short while and that will drop the coffee stop person to a standstill.

I noticed that on a robopacer A group ride when I had to briefly coast for a short while. The coffee stop guy who jumped to our group to get his final quick distance slowed to a stop very quickly. He must have been attached to me.

Before the lynch mob readies itself- that was just by accident, not deliberate.