Remember Route Sort Order

It’s pretty annoying having to go up to the route sort order and change it from alphabetical to distance every time I go to select a route.

Can the default sort order be distance. OR. Can it just remember what you used last time as your preffered sort order and default to that.


does this annoy anyone else ?

Hi Roy,
When I’m looking to tick off a new route badge, I tend to look at routes by distance - so I can see which ones I could complete in the time I have.

But when I’m looking to ride a course I already know the name of - like “Tempus Fugit” - then I probably find alphabetical is easier.

Having it as one or the other doesn’t annoy me - I find it easy enough to switch between distance, elevation and alphabetical.

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It looks like the new home screen lets you sort routes by various criteria (name, distance, elevation, effort an duration). Maybe the new system will remember the sorting order.

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I guess i havnt got to that stage yet where im looking to repeat rides by name - im always looking by distance or elevation as i know how much of an “effort” i have time or energy for.

Im also still chasing down XP points and badges…

Thanks for the link - i wasnt aware this was coming.

The new screens look great - fingers crossed it remembers my preferred sort order :slight_smile:

I agree the sort order is a pain in the a***… come on Zwift remember the sort order, every single time I go into Zwift I have to change it, it is such as poor UI experience having to do this, I never use time or alphabetical, I always use Elevation for the route, of course other folks will use the other sorting options, solution… just remember the last one used !!!