Add Sorting / Filter Options to Route Page

It would really be helpful is the Route page was expanded a bit to allow sorting, like by:

  • Elevation
  • Distance
  • Experience Points
  • Badges Complete / Incomplete !!!

It’s really time consuming to scroll down the giant list of Routes looking for specific attributes, when (as a developer myself) it’s quite simple to implement various filters and sorting options… similar to Zwift Insider but official and better!

You can already filter by elevation, distance and alphabetical.

On that page? Where? You didn’t actually read my post, did you? Classic! :rofl:

Oh, no not on the support page, in the game. :rofl:

Even so … the in-game route selection could be improved! But this support page as it currently stands isn’t helpful at all and I’m pretty sure everyone just goes to Zwift Insider.

Yeah, I didn’t even know that page existed, I too wish the completed route badges were able to be seen in game while you are actually selecting a route.


I suspect zwift are happy enough to rely on third party websites (anyone remember using titaniumgeek’s user manual?) I’d suggest if a problem is solved by someone else then they feel they have less reason to work on it. But yeah, heaps of stuff could be improved.

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