Can't sort routes by 'distance' or 'elevation'


The last few times that I’ve logged on I’m unable to sort the routes by distance or elevation, just the default ‘Alphabetical’. This happens on all available worlds.

Is it a known bug? Or peculiar to me?


Still works for me, on windows 10.



I don’t want to assume - are you doing this within the game app? If so, which OS platform are you using?

Hi Shooj,

I’m on Windows 10 Professional, and yep, it’s in the game app.

What I’ve found since is that if I drop down the Alphabetical/Elevation/Distance menu, I need to click on the right hand side of the box for it to acknowledge. Say the right hand 1/3rd of the box; if I click around the word Distance or Elevation, it won’t change the sorting.
Similarly to actually select a route, in some cases I need to click on the RHS of the box to actually select.
So in London, if I click on the word Classique to select this route it will not select, I need to click on the very right of the text box to actually load the route. Strangely other routes in the London World will select regardless of where I click.

I’ve tried on a Win 7 laptop, and the issue is not evident in any world or route.

Both machines running v1.0.51298

Possibly just my PC setup, I don’t know?!


I’ve had some similar issues with the drop shop on windows 10, some of the brands are unable to be clicked on, and it is kind of random. Also has happened when looking at workouts in the training plan menu, using the arrows to advance to the next workout or go back to the previous one doesn’t always work. I seems like Zwift is more optimized for a touch screen and has issues randomly with using a mouse to click around the screen.

@Chris_Quinn Thanks for providing a little more context.

I have a Win10 machine, and I’m not able to replicate what you’re describing.

What you’re describing sounds like your mouse cursor isn’t tracking to the expected locations of the UI buttons. By any chance, do you have Windows’ magnification settings bumped up from the stock settings? Increased font size might have an impact on cursor tracking too. Do you have anything happening along those lines?

Hi Shuji,

Apologies for not replying - I forgot all about the issue! My settings were at 125% but after changing to 100% the issue was still evident. I have since completely reinstalled the app and it seems to be ok now.

Thanks for your assistance!