Remember our Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Hey Zwifters!

We want to make sure Zwift forums are a welcoming place for the curious beginner, the seasoned cyclist, and everyone in between.

Here are our rules to follow when making a new post or comment:

  • Lets treat each other with respect and keep it civil! We’re all here to discuss Zwift in safe space.
  • Do not share your own or others’ personal information (i.e. email addresses).
  • Keep topics specific to Zwift and Zwift related exercises.
  • Do not post any Not Safe For Work (NSFW), spam, advertising, violent, or otherwise egregiously inappropriate content or links to that content.
  • Do not publicly accuse others of cheating or request that they be banned. If you suspect someone of cheating, please contact support.

Moderation Inquiries and Disputes

If you feel that you received an invalid flag, misappropriated consequence, or would like to request more information regarding a flag or moderation you received, please contact a member of the moderation staff, or the Community Manager via private message.

Moderation inquiries and disputes will only be discussed with the respective member(s) and never publicly. Additionally, any private messages w/ forum staff regarding flags/suspensions should be kept private.